To Blog or Not to Blog? Is there really a question here?

Whenever the question of blogging on my website pops into my head, I am reminded of what Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media said in June about why she hates bloggers:
“The problem with blogging is also what originally made it great. It’s that anyone can do it. Unfortunately, most people shouldn’t. Because they’re boring. And they have nothing to say.”

I have to agree whole-heartedly with that statement.  This website used to be designed/coded by yours truly because a) I wanted to show that I have some very basic design/html skill and b) I didn’t want WordPress or another CMS.  I didn’t want them because very rarely do I have time to write about anything SEO/PPC industry related. If you are looking for some excellent industry blogs than check out my blogroll.

Then I began to realize that as I wanted to adapt my website I would need to spend hours redesigning and learning more code.  Well truth be told I don’t have that kind of time. As much as I want to become proficient in html, right now I just need some sort of shell to hold the information I want people to see about Kevin Doory.

Since I use this site for professional endeavors, I am going to try and refrain from writing article on my other passions; i.e. sports & beer.  Not entirely sure how that will work, but it’s worth a shot.