Search Engine Marketing Services

I have extensive experience performing comprehensive technical SEO audits of client websites. Creating analysis of web analytics to plan structural marketing changes for web properties based on current use. Improving conversions and tracking of web collateral for informational, B2B, and B2C e-commerce.

This is just a snippet of the services I provide. Just as each client’s website offers different solutions, I will develop a unique plan of attack for each of my clients. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Search Engine Optimization Site Audits / Reviews

Before starting with any type of online marketing, it is important to evaluate your current website. Determining both the positive attributes as well as the potential action items is key to the success of our efforts. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as someone wiser said, is both an art and a science. Optimizing you website takes a balance of proven techniques, creative strategy, and the ability to adapt to the ever changing algorithms of the search engines. I will look at a number of factors and make recommendations to improve:

Site Architecture

Title, Meta, and Alt Tags

Tracking Software from Google: Analytics & Search Console 

Keyword and Competitive Research

Geographical / Local Targeting

Brand Management

Perhaps your not looking for new customers or leads to be generated on your website. Maybe your just concerned that everyone else seems to have a website and your worried about your name. This is Brand Management at its very core. Developing brand recognition is key for small businesses and individuals alike. I can help you get your name out there as well as tweak an existing campaign to achieve greater success

Pay Per Click Advertising

Looking to promote your website by advertising with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing can be an effective tool to drive revenue to your business when done correctly. I have experience working with all types of markets across most major PPC platforms. After extensive keyword research, I will set up your campaigns as well as the conversion tracking so you can measure your ROI. I can also provide recommendations to existing PPC efforts. While you check your monthly reports and increased leads I will be optimizing your campaigns to lower your costs while increasing your ROI.

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