My Twitter bio is: Internet marketing professional specializing in SEO & SEM.My other passions include hockey & finding the perfect pint.

That statement is short and sweet, just like Twitter.  The whole story would take a lot more than 140 characters to explain. To start at the beginning would be boring, so why not somewhere in between then and now.  I started working in Search Marketing over 9 years ago, more by accident to be truthful.  I have always been a technology buff and as I slowly moved from sales into more of a client management role, I fell into a role for a previous company.   The rest they say is history.  I like SEO and PPC because I am constantly learning new things and trying to “think outside the box.”

When not working I am an avid sports fan, though my allegiances don’t make much sense to the average person.  I am an avid hockey fan; cheering for  the Chicago Blackhawks for over 20 years and recently adopting the Toronto Maple Leafs as well.   Having lived in Baltimore for my entire life, the only home team I care to cheer for is the Orioles.  That is difficult because they are less than fun to watch, do to the fact that lately they are in the basement of the American League. Baseball is just a way to pass the time for me in between hockey and football seasons.


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